Monday, March 5, 2012

Don’t Let Your Activity Disrupted by CONSTIPATION !

Most people probably underestimate the constipation but if this continues then left on, this digestive disorders not only disrupt daily activities but also lead to more dangerous condition of gut cancer.

What is Constipation?
Constipation is an abnormality on digestive system where somebody has experienced excessive hardening stool so that is hard to be discarded and can causes great pain to the patient.
What causes Constipation ?
 About 80 % of people is estimated to experience Constipation. The most common primary causes of this disorder are lack of fiber and bad lifestyle. These causes make patient difficult to defecate. But there are other causes such as dehydration, stress due to work, body hormone effect, and lack of vitamin C
How to Cure Constipation?
The change of lifestyle will play a major role in solving on this digestive problem. Firstly, change the food pattern to be healthier that is by adding fiber rich foods in your daily menu and obey your mealtime. Then taking more exercise, massaging your stomach, drinking mineral water as much as possible, drinking prebiotic and probiotic drinks, or get used ourselves to defecate everyday by making defecation schedule called bowel training. Meanwhile, solving constipation  with a slightly forced way are by consuming laxatives, fecess suction with a special tool, and if it already severe is done surgery.
Who often experience of Constipation?
       Constipation is likely to occur on children because their digestive system is not perfect yet. And constipation can occur to adulthood because their digestive system has experienced function decline.
How to prevent Constipation?
Increasing a healthy lifestyle especially in terms of food is one way to reduce the risk of Constipation. We should consume more food which contains high fiber, drink more mineral waters and reduce the consumption of food which contains high in fats. Taking a regular exercise and not to delay defecate will help too.
What is The Effect of Constipation?
Besides experiencing in difficult to defecate, constipation patients are usually followed by a great pain on their stomach that causes patients feel anxious so that it will disrupt their activities. If this condition left in, it can cause a big problem. Besides their digestion will be broken, the gut cancer will very possible occur. Several studies have shown that patients with gut cancer are most often caused by constipation that is not treated due to lack of fiber consumption.
Some of Recommendet Diet :
You can find fibre all around you. Here are some fibre rich foods and some ideas on how to incorporate more fibre into your life.
Instead of
Try this
Chicken noodle soup (1 g)
Bean soup (6 g)
Baguette slice (1 g)
Whole-grain roll (2 g)
1 cup white rice (1 g)
1 cup brown rice (3 g)
1 cup apple juice (0g)
1 cup O.J., fresh with pulp (2 g)
1 ounce potato chips (1 g)
3 cups popcorn (3 g)

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